Phishing For Cryptocurrencies

Phishing For Cryptocurrencies

February 16, 2022

Phishing for Cryptocurrencies

Phishing scams continue to be a major problem and for hackers, it doesn’t get old. With the rise of cryptocurrency, the strategy has remained the same: access information by any means necessary.

Below are 4 different ways hackers can gain access to your crypto wallet.

1. Seed Words/Private Key
They will try to get seed words or the private key from your cryptocurrency wallet by using social media sites, messaging apps, forums, emails, phone calls, and texts to gain your information.

2. Investment Scams
Hackers will have phony investment pitches ready for you and tell you of a “wildly lucrative” opportunity with captivating business language. Don’t fall for the charade, they use pre-written scripts to sound legitimate. Be sure that whoever you are talking to on the phone is really the person you think you are talking to. A scammer can also easily impersonate someone you do know.

3. Exit Scams
Another method they can use is an “exit scam.” This is when a company raises money with an initial coin offering but quickly exits and never creates the actual product.

4. Rug Pull
The method “Rug pull” is when the coin is actually read and listed with heavy online promotions and once people get the cryptos, the developers pull out of the project so the coins aren’t worth anything.

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